Videos to save lives

How to react in an emergency?

It is estimated that 70% of people would not know how to react in an emergency.

Some figures around prevention:

  • 50,000 people die of cardiac arrest each year, 3,400 people in traffic accidents, 11 million domestic accidents each year.
  • 26 falls per day
  • In 2020, this situation is not acceptable, all the more so as many home accidents or accidents at work could be avoided.

How can the greatest number of people be made aware of the risks in general?

  • is above all a medium that addresses prevention and safety through the video section and the online magazine.

“ videos to save lives”, offers its users educational and fun videos answering essential questions in terms of prevention, safety, or health. The site allows individuals and companies to become aware of how to fight against domestic accidents and accidents at work?

Example: How to evacuate a high-rise building? How to do cardiac massage? How to recognize a stroke ?

Everyone is concerned with prevention

Prevention concerns us all available in several languages French, English and soon Spanish.

BornSafety works with many partners such as, which allows everyone to become an essential link in the chain of survival in the fight against cardiac arrest.

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Frequently Asked Questions is a site that allows companies to respond to the labor code by educating employees on the risks in business. allows users, for example: individuals to become aware of the risks at work is at home. is a site that offers 40-second animated videos. This method synthesizes essential information to know how to act in an emergency situation or prevent risk such as cardiac arrest, fire, evacuation, road risk, road accidents, musculoskeletal disorders, MSD, burn out, risk of drowning, domestic accidents, burns is a virtual awareness program. It does not replace real training. However, it responds to a very global problem. It is a public health issue, as it is estimated that 70% of the population cannot respond to an emergency. therefore offers video modules which in 40 seconds make users aware of the risks to which they are exposed in companies but also at home. can be useful in business. It does not replace training and serves as a support for information. makes it possible to raise awareness of risks in companies so as not to leave employees in the dark. If the company uses outside of the Pro offer, it will have to play the videos with advertisements. For example, in a meeting of several people, if is used the videos will appear. is free and does not require a subscription. A premium version exists and allows in particular for companies to have access to practical sheets, additional videos, unpublished videos, to create employee paths, hiring paths. also allows to have and video consumption statistics. is an extremely useful tool for companies because it meets the obligation to instruct employees in matters of health and safety at work. is paid in two ways. The free part of the site, allows each person to watch videos for free and to become aware through their videos of risk at home and in business. At the start of the video, offers an ad to watch. also offers advertising in the form of a banner or other types of advertising on the site which allows it to be paid. Another premium version of exists. It is intended for companies who would like to have more services. In this case, the company can subscribe to licenses (one license is equal to one employee), each license is sold at a unit price excluding tax to companies. For more information click on the pro offer button or on . This premium version allows you to have no advertising and many additional services.
The videos on are made by an editorial team at We call on many experts in different fields to help us compose his videos. aims to educate as many people as possible in all areas so that no one remains in the dark. does not offer physical training directly. However and its teams are in contact with a large number of professionals in the training sector. can network the territory with its partners in many areas (fire, cardiac arrest, evacuation, two-hour awareness campaign, etc.) also works on the principle of community. This means that takes into account all user suggestions. does not make videos dedicated to a particular company. However, may produce videos which correspond to a community in general. For example : The building community and the safety rules attached to this trade or corporation. A carpentry company has specificities related to its trade, can produce videos for the whole of this sector. A company that installs electrical cables has a certain number of rules common with other companies in the energy or other sector. In particular, federations, associations or business combinations can tell us about their needs. Companies that subscribe to can also offer topics to raise awareness among their employees in the best possible way. In the event that is able to produce this video because it concerns enough people, the production team of will make this video. offers companies to partner with certain videos. For that, please contact our team by clicking on the link or by addressing your request to . The company may be a partner of one or more videos that are related to its sector of activity, its targets, its image. The fact partner of means that the company appears for example at the beginning of the videos of , in pre-roll, in banner on the site of, in paved mode, in dynamic display ...